ROWP Courses

All our Courses Have been upgraded the the new Standard Practice Manual V3


Below is an example of courses required to obtain the educational component of registering to become a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner and the cost.

Beyond this, there is an experiential requirement. For further information on this topic please click here click here


ROWP Lagoons
Course   Days Member Non Member
OS Lag Onsite Lagoons Home Study* 400.00 500.00
Total     400.00 500.00

ROWP Installer
OS Intro Introduction to onsite wastewater Home Study 400.00 500.00
OS Install Onsite system installation 3 700.00 875.00
Total     1100.00 1375.00

ROWP Planner
OS Intro Introduction to Onsite Wastewater home study 400.00 500.00
OS Planning & Drawing Onsite System Planning & Drawing 5 1100.00 1375.00
OS Soils Onsite Soils Assessment 3 700.00 875.00
Total     2200.00 2750.00

ROWP Maintenance Provider
 OS Intro  Introduction to Onsite Wastewater home study  400.00  500.00
 OS Install  Onsite System Installation  3  700.00  875.00
 OS Main Maintenance home study 800.00 1200.00
 Total      1900.00  2575.00

* What is home study?
While the student will be able to take home study courses completely outside a classroom, they will get an exam that tests their true understanding of the course material. Students must obtain an exam score of 75% or better to pass. Upon completion of the course material, the student contacts WOWTC to make arrangements to take the exam.  In most cases the exam will need to be invigilated by a Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Police Officer, Notary etc. Please note the Home Study option has a time limit to it, upon receipt of the materials students are required to complete the exam within 90 days.


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