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As a result of a regulatory defined role in the British Columbia provincial regulation governing the Sewerage System regulation, wastewater systems with flows less than 22,700 litres. BCOSSA has developed and delivered mandated educational programs to over 1000 onsite wastewater practitioners.

Additionally, BCOSSA has provided direct technical and organizational expertise to the mandated registration body, (Applied Science Technicians and Technologists of BC) to ensure qualified persons are registered and provided with appropriate support through programs managed by ASTTBC.

Through the activities of its board, BCOSSA has developed partnerships with ASTTBC, Ministry of Health Services, Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection, and Health Authorities to ensure policy direction in the province of BC provide support to its membership and prevent undue roadblocks to the development of the onsite and decentralized industry.

Nationally, BCOSSA has played a prominent role in the development of a Canadian National Decentralized Wastewater Management Network and is working with Canadian Water and Waste Association, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskachewan and the Maritime Onsite Sewage Associations to ensure that this committee provide for national oversight on wastewater issues related to research and policy.

Through the work of the board and its members, BCOSSA has grown form an organization of 65 members in 2004 to over 1000 members in 2008.

To support this growth and to ensure service to its membership BCOSSA must develop strategies and policies to ensure its viability. What will be developed is a comprehensive program of strategies, products and educational opportunities that will support the onsite wastewater industry in British Columbia and provide a template for national growth in policy and research.

BCOSSA continues to grow into Canada's most prominent Onsite Wastewater organization and will continue to support its members through education and strategic initiatives.


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